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1. What services do the Public Works Department provide?
2. Where is your facility located?
3. What facilities does the Public Works Department include?
4. How do I get trash pick-up started at my residence?
5. How do I get trash pick-up started at my place of business?
6. How many employees are in the Public Works Department?
7. Why do I have to pay a $75 per container set-up fee if there is already a City of Goodlettsville trash receptacle at my residence?
8. What are the current sanitation fees?
9. I put my container out this morning, but it was not emptied. What do I do?
10. When is garbage collected?
11. My container has been damaged. What do I do?
12. Whom do I contact about having limbs and brush chipped?
13. A professional tree trimming company has worked in my yard. What do I do with the yard waste?
14. What do I do with items I can recycle?
15. How do I get bulk items picked up?
16. Whom do I call to dispose of a dead animal?
17. How do I contact animal control?
18. Why are illicit discharges a problem?
19. What does the City's stormwater program focus on?
20. What is a stormwater utility fee?
21. Is the stormwater utility fee legal?
22. Why is a stormwater utility fee being implemented?
23. What happens if the City does nothing or refuses to comply with the Federal stormwater/water quality mandate?
24. Are the stormwater and sewer systems the same thing?
25. If I live on top of a hill and I don't have drainage problems why would I have to pay for stormwater management fees?
26. Why should I pay for rain or snow falling on my property?
27. I have made inquiries about drainage issues and nothing's been done. Will you fix the problem now?
28. Paying a stormwater utility fee instead of a tax will not allow me to deduct it on my annual taxes.
29. Will the creation of a stormwater utility result in a reduction of my property taxes?
30. Are driveways and roads being taxed?
31. I have a detention pond on my property. Will the utility be responsible for the maintenance of the pond?
32. Why do we need to spend more for stormwater?
33. How often will the stormwater user fee be changed/updated?
34. How will the stormwater billing process work?
35. What is the stormwater drainage system?
36. What is the City's responsibility for stormwater?
37. Why is stormwater pollution a problem?
38. Where will our money go for stormwater projects?
39. Why is this a stormwater utility fee and not a property tax increase?
40. Who pays the stormwater utility fee?
41. How are stormwater projects prioritized?
42. How does the City currently pay for its stormwater services?
43. How is the City currently funding stormwater projects?