Splash Pad

Goodlettsville Parks and Rec is a recipient of a 2016 Local Parks and Recreation Fund grant for the purpose of developing a splash pad and renovating a restroom facility serving the splash pad and Peay Park.

What is the status?

Update August 21, 2018: There are currently open solicitations for the site prep portion of the project and the restroom renovation portion of the project.  Those can be found at goodlettsville.gov.  Bid opening will be conducted on September 6, 2018. 

Update August 3, 2018: We put the restroom facility and site prep out for bid in July and received no bidders on the project.  We are working with the State to determine what options exist for this part of the project as it must be done prior to installation of the splash pad equipment.

Update April 20, 2018:  We received comments back from the State agency and have to make some revisions to our site plan and resubmit the documents to them for approval.  We have received revisions from the engineer and expect revisions from the architect in the coming week and will resubmit at that time.  At this time, we can say that there is no hope of opening the splash pad this summer. 

Update April 4, 2018:
We are still waiting on approvals for the site plan and restroom building that go along with the splash pad project.  Then, we have to bid out that work, so no work can begin on the splash pad until that part of the process is complete.  We have asked for an estimate on when our plans will be approved, but have not yet heard back from the grant administration agency that does the approvals.  At this point, the earliest any construction will begin is mid-May, but more likely June.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that we can have a late summer opening.

Update March 2, 2018: The Splash Pad equipment is ready to be shipped, but we are still on hold for approvals needed from the Health Department and the State.  The splash pad cannot be installed until the equipment room is built and those construction documents are also needing approvals before that portion of the project can go out to bid.  It is looking like installation won't begin until at least mid-April. 

Right now, the designers are getting plans stamped by an engineer.  From there, the Health Department and the grant agency will review and approve the plans.  Once approval is received, the product ships and will be installed which takes about 6 weeks.

Will it be open this summer?

Update April 20, 2018:  Due to approvals taking much longer than anticipated and running into problems with revisions that needed to be made on both the Splash Pad Design and the Site Plan Design, the splash pad won't be able to open this summer. 

Update April 4, 2018:
  Not looking good for opening this summer.  We remain hopeful that we can at least open at the end of the summer.

We are hopeful that the splash pad will be open this summer!  Once installed, staff will have to be trained on the operation.  We want to do everything we can to keep you safe.

What will it look like? 

This picture is a color rendering of what the splash pad will look like. 

Gville Splash Pad