Children's Program

The Goodlettsville Fire Department has hosted a very important event on the first Saturday of December each year since 1986, The Annual Goodlettsville Fire Department Children’s Christmas Party.  On that day, the department sponsors a Christmas party for children who live in the area who would not otherwise have much of a Christmas.  

The children are dropped off for a shopping trip at our local K-Mart Store.  K-Mart has been a partner, assisted the Fire Department, and given of their time for 29 years in this project. Each child is first assigned to a shopping partner from the group comprised of Goodlettsville Firefighters, a member of the firefighter’s family, members of Simmons Bank staff, or local volunteers.

Santa Claus joins them for breakfast and pictures. They are then treated to a shopping spree. After their shopping time, they are transported back to the Goodlettsville Fire Hall. Once there, the firemen help them open, assemble, and play with the items they have purchased. Coats and shoes are also purchased for each child.  Any gifts that need to be wrapped are handled.

For many years, in various ways, members of the Goodlettsville Fire Department and their families have worked to raise money for this local charity. You can see where the money is spent. Simmons Bank has become involved and sponsor a 5K Run each year to raise funding. Other companies who have donated are Serv-Pro, Bloom, and Rivergate Mall. Private donations were also given by generous members of the Goodlettsville community. The Fire Department also competed and won the 2015 tree decorating contest at Rivergate Mall to raise funds for the party. The breakfast for the children has been donated by Chick-fil-a Restaurant, Krispy Kreme, and Hardees. 

Get Involved

Donate directly to: Children’s Christmas Party Account at Simmons Bank 300 Northcreek Blvd. 
   Contacts are Rhonda Mansfield or Maggie McLean

For more information contact Goodlettsville Fire Department Administration:

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